Here, I want to share some original content - like unreleased songs, lyrics, poems, song covers and more:) Hope you enjoy!


"Lights, Camera, Action" 

Wrote this song at a point in my life when I was evaluating my own unhealthy focus on appearance and outlook due to the influence on social media. Reflecting, my outlook in life has once again changed and I have taken a step back on how often I post on social media. But the question still remains, on do others view me only through the lenses of social or have they actual tried to get to know me?


One of my favorite love songs that I have written. It is not yet available on iTunes and Spotify because I have a few more ideas that I want to incorporate into it. But enjoy this draft of the song!


Decided to share the lyrics for a few of my unreleased songs here. Probably will change out the lyrics I share each month or so:)

"You Belong to Heaven"

Verse 3

Easy they say, you'll get over it soon

But it's hard to live when you helped me too

I know I’m naive believing we’d share forever

Though since we were kids

I thought that dreams stayed together

Verse 4

Now I stare chasing pavements and skipping stones

Wishing I could tell you a secret or let you call me a fool

Go back in time, do the things that we used to

I know you are gone,

Secretly I wish I was gone too

"Yesterday (Dream On)"


I’ve had the time of my life

Though now it is over

Still there’s no reason for me to cry

Because I’ve grown older

I’ve learned to keep the past in the past

And move on because life is a blast

Don’t just dream about yesterday

Today, still dream on

"The [Worst] Birthday Song"


Oh, on the worst day 

Can’t believe that it is your birthday

And you’re not even here so it hurts me

I have my only wish

Say you hear me

Please Come back to me

It's your birthday

And it hurts my heart in the worst way

Thought you’d bring the light for us to celebrate

Can I make your only wish

Say you hear me

Please come back to me



See you can walk her down the aisle

Watch her in her pretty gown

With those smiling pearly teeth

Yeah you can stare for a while (And I)

I won’t even cry

Though I’d rather be blind

But I'm made just too kind

And God don’t fix everything we ask for in life (So I)

I will say goodbye

But not before saying congratulations