Book Donation Instructions

Please mail or drop off all books at the following address: 5717 S. Gordon Rd Austell, GA 30168

Smart Box

Spreading Education

One of the main goals of the Clara B. Foundation is to promote access to education worldwide. The best way we can do that is by ensuring every child has access to education whether through an educational program, school program, educational apps and games, summer programs or our very own “Smart Box.”

The smart box includes basic materials for a child to grow and enhance their education. The items that will be included in the box are the following: a book, writing utensils, writing notebook and school workbook.

Our goal is that with this box we will be able to change millions of children’s lives, enabling them to learn and grow exceptionally.

If you wish to sponsor a child or make a donation towards "The Smart Box" please contact the Clara B. Foundation at jadammoss@gmail.com