Will There Ever Be Another King of Pop?

January 31, 2020


Will there ever be another king of pop? It's a question we manage to ask ourselves when we reflect on the accomplishments of the late great and talented Michael Jackson. So here's my take on that question. Will we ever have another Michael Jackson? The answer is simply no. Nada. Periodt. That is simply physically and musically impossible because MJ was one of a kind. He was a genius. 

However, I do believe that at some point, God will bless somebody with the same skills he gave MJ so that they will be our next king of pop. So that they will not just be successful, but take us to the next stage of music as MJ did. Michael Jackson introduced us to modern music videos which include short plots and stories. His "Remember the Time" music video was the first Hollywood representation of Egypt involving an all-black cast. He also gave us amazing dance moves and memorable emotional performances. And don't forget his impeccable style and fashion that continues to be constantly imitated in pop culture by various celebrities and everyday people such as myself. Even in death, Michael influences various aspects of pop culture and music. His "Thriller" song is basically the official Halloween song. At this point, I can't even imagine Halloween without it. Will there ever be another Michael Jackson? No. But will God bless us with someone who can do what he did? Take us to the next level? Transform the music industry again? Someday.

"A star can never die. It just turns into a smile and melts back into the cosmic music, the dance of life.”

~ Michael Jackson