Hi I'm Jada 

I am a freshman at Mercer University majoring in Global Health Studies. I have many passions in life but if someone told me that I had to place all of those passions in two main categories, I would choose education and music.

In 2018, I started a non-profit organization known as The Clara B. Foundation (C.B.F.) which primarily focuses on promoting access to education within our local and international communities. To learn more about my organization, visit the tab on this site that says C.B.F. In the future, I hope to include global access to healthcare as the organization’s second mission in honor of my late grandmother, Clara B. Moss, who passed away from pulmonary cancer and to whom this organization is named after.

Soon after establishing C.B.F., I went on to write and publish a children’s book known as “Little Miss Clara B.” which promotes the organization’s message about believing you can #bee anything you believe in. I am also a public speaker for topics pertaining to the importance of having an education along with women's and girls' empowerment. I am also a member of LSM Ministries which concludes that I speak annually at the LSM Pink Dreams Girls Conference and Women's Conference.

Besides being a full-time college student trying to manage walking to classes daily, studying, hanging out with friends and participating in extracurricular activities, I still find time to pursue my other passions which include singing, improving my photography/videography skills, dancing and writing songs along with poetry. 


Let's Keep in Touch
Email: jadamoss.music@gmail.com

Instagram: @jadammoss

Facebook: @jadammoss

My Accomplishments

Presentation on "The Importance of E-learning"

(On the left) Jada Moss is pictured next to KSU Professor Dr. Zeynep Kelani.

On May 3rd of 2019, Moss presented a speech advocating for the increase in e-learning platforms as a means to increase access to education, increase the amount of jobs in the economy by creating more jobs available within the I.T. sector, help aid the environment by limiting the amount of paper waste from educational resources and encourage more students to learn rather than just entertain themselves through use of technology. Full video can be found under "speeches" section.

Speech on "God's Masterpiece and S.T.E.A.M." 

On June 8th of 2019, Jada Moss gave a speech on being "God's Masterpiece" (the theme for the conference). She also discussed the importance of following dreams in any area within S.T.E.A.M.

Speech on "The Need for More Girls in S.T.E.M."

On June 2nd of 2018, Jada Moss gave a speech on the importance of a S.T.E.M. education and why more girls should pursue S.T.E.M. related careers. 

First Book Signing and Debut of My Book

Purchase your copy of Little Miss Clara B. on Amazon.